Error Messages

What does error 301 – Moved permanently mean?

Error 301 Moved permanently indicates that the person you are trying to contact is no longer available at the specified location or number.   An alternate location is included in the header. This error is being generated by the Merge service platform.  If you receive this message please contact Merge support.

What does error 401 - Unauthorised mean?

Error 401 Unauthorized indicates that your request requires authentication with the server.  This is normally caused by the user entering incorrect login information (username/password) into their SIP device. 

What does error 403 - Forbidden mean?

Error Registration error: 403 – Forbidden indicates that the Merge Service Platform has received and understood the request but will not provide the service.  This will occur, for example , if you try to make a PSTN call using a free Merge account.  On rare occasions it may be because of incorrect login information, or your account has not been correctly provisioned.

What does error 404 - Not Found mean?

Error 404 Not Found indicates that the MSP cannot locate the person you are trying to call.  Ensure you have entered a valid telephone number or sip alias and try again. 

What does error 407 - Proxy Authentication Required mean?

Error 407 Proxy authentication required indicates that the client must now authenticate
itself with the MSP. This is an uncommon error message for Merge customers if you have successfully registered.  If you do please contact Merge Support. 

What does error 408 - Request Timeout mean?

Error 408 Request Timeout indicates that the client is not receiving any response from the MSP.  This error is likely caused by incorrect server information (domain, server address) entered in your SIP account, or there is an interuption in your broadband access. 

What does error 503 - Service Unavailable mean?

Error 503 Service unavailable indicates that the MSP is unable to process the request due to an overload or maintenance problem.  In some instances, it can be caused by QoS settings  in the client.  Removing QoS can also resolve the issue.

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